JS Bach – Cantata „Ich Hatte Viel Bekümmernis“ BWV 21 – 9. Sei Nun Wieder Zufrieden (9/11)

For Third Sunday after Trinity and For any occasion. Text: Salomo Franck. 2. Ps. 94:19; 6. Ps. 42:12; 9. Ps. 116:7 and Georg Neumark, verses 2 and 5 of „Wer nur den lieben Gott läßt walten,“ 1657 (Fischer-Tümpel, IV, #365); 11. Rev. 5:12-13. Probably 17 June 1714, Weimar; other performances: ?1720, Hamburg? (See Dürr, p. 344), 13 June 1723, Leipzig (revised). Included by Bach in first annual cycle (Leipzig 1723-24) Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra Ton Koopman, Director 9. Chorus [Dictum] and Chorale (S, A, T, B) Be now once more contented, O my spirit, for the Lord serves thee well. What use to us this heavy sorrow, What use all this our „Woe and Ah?“ What use that we should ev’ry morning Heap sighs upon our sore distress? We only make our cross and pain Grow greater through our discontent. Think not within the heat of hardship That thou by God forsaken art, And that he rests within God’s bosom Who doth on constant fortune feed. Pursuing time transformeth much And gives to ev’rything its end. First Annual Cycle Canatats-Koopman playlist: www.youtube.com